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Secrets of Power Presentations

Maintaining Their Attention

Getting your audience's attention is only the first step to a successful presentation. Once you've captured their attention, your next challenge is maintaining it. Typically, adults have short attention spans that shift constantly.

Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Provide handouts that outline your presentation. Ask your printer to use a heavier, 60 lb. paper if you have copy on both sides of the page. It will prevent a distracting show-through of your copy on the backside of the sheet.
  • Use colorful persentation slides with bold colors and large type. Use no more than seven words per line and seven lines per slide. Text should be limited to one or two typestyles and no more than three colors.
  • To increase interest and keep people a little more alert, pass out one or two handouts during odd times of the presentation. Color photocopies of a product or graph are always effective, as are mini-catalogs, brochures, or postcards that contain your website address and contact information.

Secrets of Power Presentations

by Micki Holliday

Secrets of Power Presentations covers all the new multimedia aids to presentations. The book reveals the key to controlling your own fears, then details how to outline and organize an effective presentation, improve your style of delivery, and capture and maintain the attention of your audience. It also teaches you how to develop your skills as a speaker.

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