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Graphics File Naming System

One of the least glamorous but potentially most time and frustration saving habits you can acquire is to adopt a good file naming system and then use it consistently. A good file naming system can save you hours of time when you are trying to find an image. This is particularly true if you tend to save several versions of a file.

A complete graphic file name should include: item name, color mode, resolution, and file format. An example would be Trees_CMYK_200.psd. This type of attention to detail in file naming, while perhaps a bit cumbersome, will make your file management and location chores much easier. In addition, it will make it easier to identify your graphic images.

Avoiding the Output Blues

by Taz Tally, Ph.D.

Learn how to mitigate many of the problems encountered when creating and printing documents with desktop publishing equipment and software. Avoiding the Output Blues addresses the specific challenges of preparing PostScript files for print and introduces the techniques necessary to create raster image processor (RIP)-ready files which are compatible with processing through a PostScript RIP.

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